Hey Colin It’s amazing!!!!! Had to hold back the tears! Holy crap! Like it’s amazing!!!! You’ve been blessed with some talent!  She loved it! Said she “couldn’t have picked a prettier ring” and the price is perfect.

This has been such a great experience. Thanks so much for being a legend. You couldn’t have been easier to deal with, I’m actually in awe of what you’ve produced!

Platinum Oval Cylon Sapphire Ring with Broard Diamond Shoulders

Billy Healy


March 2019


Hey Colin!!!  They’ve arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG, they are so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so happy with them…Thank you, thank you!!! I can’t wait to gift them to my friend and sister….Excited!!!   You do such beautiful work….I’ll let you know of their reactions once they get them!!!  Thanks again, Colin….I really couldn’t be happier with these lovely, lovely mussels and I especially love that they are the only 3 in the states!!!!  Makes them even that more special.

Sterling silver Mussel Pendants.

Camille Henry

Seattle, Washington, United States

December 2018

I had my engagement ring commissioned by Colin after he made my sisters engagement and wedding ring. While I had already seen first hand the quality and beauty of his work, I was still incredibly nervous thinking about how the whole process would work. I need not have worried, as once I met Colin, he put me completely at ease. He spent a huge amount of time going over the design and details with me to ensure that I got a unique and individual ring that was tailored to my taste. No stone was left un-turned! He offered so much choice and expertise, in the end the ring surpassed all expectations, it’s stunning and so unique. To tell you he is a genius in his craft is an understatement and I love that no-one else in the world has the same ring as me!

Thank you Colin for your patience and your amazing talent!

Pear Shaped diamond ring made in Platinum

Claire & JP. Cork



Dealing with Colin to get this engagement ring made was genuinely a great and enjoyable experience. Colin is a consummate professional and his knowledge and skill are fantastic.

The whole process was done via email which was extremely straight forward the end product was exactly what I wanted. The first time I actually met Colin was the day he handed me the ring! Given my tight work schedule, doing it this way saved me a lot of hassle and my fiancée is so happy with the engagement ring!   

I would recommend Colin to anyone, he’s a pure gentleman and his work is top class. Ill be coming back for the wedding rings!!!

Platinum Brilliant-cut Diamond Solitaire ring

Shane O’Callaghan



Hi Colin

I am literally at a loss for words, it is spectacular! Just seeing a photo of it makes me get butterflies inside, really I am so truly grateful to you for making this for her. I couldn’t sleep last night as I kept on thinking about the moment I give the ring to her… she is going to be blown away I know it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, it is the most expensive purchase I have ever made, and I thank you for doing such a good deal for me. I literally cannot wait to give it to her!

I just want to say thank you once again for all your help, and guidance. This is going to be the biggest thing I have ever done in my life, and I know that this ring is going to be treasured for the rest of our lives.

I am so bloody excited!!!

Thank you Colin.

Darryn Eggleton

Bury St. Edmunds



Hi Colin!

I love my necklace!! It is breath taking… I am so happy with it, thank you so much.  Also, thank Tess for dropping it off! She is such a sweet girl and so pretty.  Enjoy the chocolate brownies Mary made you! They are yummy.  I will pass your card around to all my friends.
Thanks again Colin,
Noelle O’Connor Cork City
May 2016


Suzanne is thrilled beyond words.
Absolutely sensational.
Unqualified success.
So grateful you made it affordable, as we shall repeat this process with great pleasure!
To our hero!

David Syme
Concert Pianist
Co. Cork

Having ordered multiple pieces from Colin’s exceptional Fuchsia and Lough Hyne collections beforehand, I always knew that I would only want Colin to design and make a unique engagement ring for my (hopefully!) future fiancée. And I certainly didn’t make his life any easier with the task ahead: to create a ring from scratch without ever meeting us in person, relying purely on emails and photos, and on a person (yes, that would be me) who had no clue about rings in general, let alone engagement rings. With that said, I never had any doubts that he would create something spectacular, which he did indeed. The ring turned out to be everything I hoped for and more: a truly unique piece, which I just could not imagine on anyone else, but her. All in all, I could not recommend Colin more and I would encourage anyone to reach out to him with any requests even if you cannot meet/visit him in person! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Mate Fitus, Cork


It isn’t often you meet a real-life magician! My daughters regularly ask for magic wands so they can cast spells over people. Colin needs nothing but the skill of his craftsmanship in order for you to fall under HIS spell. There is, it seems to me at least, magic in those hands and his mind because the pieces he creates are truly something to behold & to treasure.

Twice now Colin has transformed 2 rings for me, creating something so different, on both occasions, from the original forms. Both times I had a vision of the end result and both times I got exactly what was in my mind’s eye. Being so definite in my choice can be both a help and a hindrance because there is the potential for disappointment if my expectations were not met. Luckily I didn’t even have the worry of that because I trusted Colin implicitly and knew that we were both on the same wavelength regarding the end product.

Even at that, any time I made suggestions that I thought reasonable but that Colin knew wouldn’t work, he patiently explained his resistance and guided me on what the best possible outcome would be.

I cannot speak highly enough about Colin. He is a pleasure to work with both personally and professionally. I wish more people would realise that by opting for a hand made, custom made piece, they are getting something much more special, something unique and something made by a magical, master of his craft.

Mary O’Connor Barry


Colin, words can’t possibly do justice to the exquisite ring you made for Sinead on our recent engagement. A completely professional and personal service from start to finish, we cannot say enough about how wonderful the experience has been. Through your expertise, patience and faultless service, Sinead has an original and beautifully crafted piece of jewellery to mark this special occasion for us both. You undoubtedly have an eye for detail and it’s clear to see that your high standards are exemplified through your magnificent work. The ring is stunning and the thrill of watching it catch the sunlight for her is an absolute joy – she loves it! We wholeheartedly recommend this highly talented artisan.

Tom & Sinead
Skibbereen, Co. Cork

Having read Colin’s biography, looked at his gallery of work and read the testimonials, we were confident Colin was the man to design and create a unique ring to celebrate our special anniversary. We had a very enjoyable meeting where Colin’s knowledge and advice proved invaluable and a commission was agreed. To say we were over the moon when the finished ring was produced would be an understatement. It is absolutely beautiful and obviously the work of a master craftsman. Most people interested in jewellery know about the 4 Cs, a lucky few know about the 5th C – Colin.

Peter & Liz
Co. Cork.


Being your atypical Irishman, I thought the 4 Cs stood for Celtic, Cork, Connemara and Colleran…….  Colin undoubtedly had his work cut out from the start.  However, he started with Diamonds 101 and painstakingly taught me what I needed to know about choosing the perfect stone, working with me at every step, to ensure I made the right choices, got what I wanted and most importantly understood what I was getting.  

He was tireless in his patience and took away all the stress I’ve seen other men go through.  When it came to the design, Colin was expert in turning my garbled musings and pre-school drawings into something realisable.  He listened, didn’t try to push me where I didn’t want to go and was never phased by my indecision and endless questions.  Colin is not only a true craftsman and master of his trade but an absolute gent.  I was absolutely thrilled with the finished piece, as was my Fiancée which believe me, was no mean feat for something she’s had no hand in whatsoever!

Kieran & Jackie Counihan

Peckham, London

Dear Colin,

I have received the Seahorse now.  It is a thing of rare beauty, more lovely even than I expected. I love the finely worked gold, and the enhancement of the diamonds is the perfect touch. I will wear it with much pleasure.  Thank you  very much. Even your card and accompanying literature are beautifully presented. And Hatton Garden and Bond Street- how impressive! I wish you continued success.  And thank you again.

Client West Cork

Colin, I cannot thank you enough for the exquisite engagement ring you made for me. Your attention to detail, vast knowledge and skill shines through and has given me a truly stunning ring. I always had a picture in my mind of my dream ring but I could never hoped for the masterpiece that now sits on my finger. I loved every minute of the design process and appreciate your patience and advice at every stage. You have an amazing talent and I look forward to many more projects together!

Evelyn Kingston
Black Rock

Colin’s enthusiasm and in depth knowledge during the design process was only surpassed by his absolute attention to detail when producing the piece. Superb value for any discerning client.

Dermot Connolly

Colin – It’s absolutely exactly what I wanted and I

LOVE it. It hasn’t come off my finger. It’s very pretty and a world

apart from the way it was in it’s previous life. I was saying to Tess

that you should put a ‘before and after’ picture on your site. I have

the ‘before’ saved if you haven’t, and if you haven’t taken a photo of the

remodeled ring I can do that. I think it would be a good showcase for

people to see what is possible.

I will be singing your praises.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure.

Mary Barry

There are memories that live forever in the dappled sunlight of a summer’s day. Memories, so alive with happiness, they resonate with you for the rest of your life.

I truly will never forget the warm summer’s morn Colette and I set out for Colin’s house on the shores of Lough Hyne. We were driving a familiar road but this time it sang with promise.

We spent one of the happiest days of our lives, in the idyllic surrounds of West Cork, enjoying a lazy lunch, listening to Colin’s plan to weave our dreams into reality.

After, as we sat in the workshop adjoining Colin’s beautiful home, I couldn’t help but reflect on the many joyous memories contained within its four walls and the number of friends who had made this journey before us.

Needless to say the ring that Colin made was perfection itself. Any superlatives I may be able to conjure fall at the feet of the rings timeless elegance. Colette absolutely adores it. And that’s what most important of all.

So thank you Colin for everything. For your artistry, creativity and skill. Each and every time we look at the ring we instantly find ourselves back in West Cork, on a warm summer’s day, with the promise of our whole lives out ahead of us.

And that feeling is priceless.

Paul Thornhill

Img. 1804


I can highly recommend Colin’s craftsmanship and highly original designs.

He made me a sparkling engagement pendant for my wife and some exquisite and unique pieces over the years. If you want something special, & beautifully crafted Colin’s attention to detail cannot be beaten. The most recent ring he made for my wife never fails to be noticed when she wears it, its totally original and exactly what she wanted. He made our Christmas, literally.

Marc Raven
Gerrards Cross

Colin has made some classic pieces of jewellery for my wife Maria over the last 15 years.  The memories of working with Colin in their conception and design remain some of our most cherished.  The excitement of receiving the finished pieces always added greatly to the occasion being celebrated and looking back now, Colin’s jewellery traces the story of our life together.  It is for this reason, that they are so treasured by both of us.  The wow factor amongst Maria’s friends also helps.

Raymond Connolly

Hi Colin

I found our project together to be very positive indeed. What I appreciated most perhaps was your insistence on open communication, ie. if I didn’t like something, I felt I could easily give you such feedback and was reassured that you would work on the piece until I was 100% happy with it. And indeed I was. My ring was not a straightforward exercise, but you persevered to produce a virtually identical piece to the original (but obviously more beautiful as it was real!). I was also very happy with the stones you sourced – they are really stunning. I have had countless compliments on the ring, but the important thing is I love it!

Thank you!

Notting Hill

We asked Colin to make some diamond earrings believing that we had an idea in mind of how we wanted them to look. Colin’s patience throughout the design process was immeasurable. He listened to our ideas and made suggestions based on his wealth of knowledge and understanding of how the finished earrings would look. He allowed us explore a range of options, finding examples and making mock ups to give us a picture of what he understood from our conversations. His attention to detail and enthusiasm for the project was inspiring. By the time he made the earrings he had a better idea of what we wanted than even we did!

The finished earrings are absolutely beautiful – they are unique having been made using Victorian diamonds. They are beautifully crafted and perfect. We are thrilled and delighted! – Thank you.

Seb & Heather Cox.
Gants Hill

Hi Colin

My ‘baby’ has been greatly admired and has been noticed by everyone.  It sparkles so beautifully, how could it not be noticed.  You have created such a gorgeous piece and I am a very happy lady!

Here’s to the next piece….!

Best wishes

Jo Norman

Colin, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making my most amazing ring, which is even more beautiful than the picture could possibly depict! I absolutely love it and appreciate the professional yet amazingly friendly and helpful way you helped me though this process. It was definitely worth waiting for and I have been receiving nothing but amazing compliments since I’ve put it on my finger! Everybody knows straight off that it’s not a standard ring that we bought in a jewellery store and that it is a one off which makes it feel even more special!

Thanks again Colin, Louise Connolly, Cork

My husband and I had the wild idea that we would “design” our wedding rings–neither of us knowing a thing about designing jewelry.  Colin showed us lots of options, paid close attention to what we were responding to aesthetically, and helped us figure out how what we wanted could actually be done.  Our rings are different, one from the other, but compliment each other perfectly.  We love them, and feel very lucky that we had the chance to work with Colin–who, as it happens, is delightful company in addition to being a gifted jeweler.

Goeff & Anna O’Sullivan
New York

Just a quick note to thank you again for the fine job you did creating Breda’s ring! She is truly delighted. Your patience during the early design discussions was much appreciated, and the end result shows, we think, a level of personal service that would be hard to find anywhere else. Again, thanks so much. We’ll be back!

Tony and Breda
Skibbereen, Co Cork

Hi Colin

Just back last night, the trip was amazing, but more importantly she said yes, the problem is she seems to love the ring more than her future husband! She is obsessed with it, she thinks it is perfect, the nicest ring she has ever seen, she loves the setting (a relief!) in terms of size it fits perfectly! I also have to start the process over again for the wedding band, although that should be less stressful!

Thanks a million once again for all your help, the ring couldn’t have turned out better.

Kind regards,

Brian Corish


I have to just say again what an AMAZING job you have done with my ring. I LOVE it and can’t stop looking at it. Let me know when you’re over. Many many thanks again.

Best wishes

Zara Goalen Food

Colin has made many pieces for me, from simple diamond stud earrings to more elaborate pendants and necklaces. You can give him a very loose outline and he always manages to produce exactly what you were looking for. The attention to detail is amazing. On my earrings the diamonds are held by some beautiful work in platinum that only I can see, but it makes the earring very special to me.

Jennie Monan
IMG, Amsterdam

Being your atypical Irishman, I thought the 4 Cs stood for Celtic, Cork, Connemara and Colleran…….  Colin undoubtedly had his work cut out from the start.  However, he started with Diamonds 101 and painstakingly taught me what I needed to know about choosing the perfect stone, working with me at every step, to ensure I made the right choices, got what I wanted and most importantly understood what I was getting.

He was tireless in his patience and took away all the stress I’ve seen other men go through.  When it came to the design, Colin was expert in turning my garbled musings and pre-school drawings into something realisable.  He listened, didn’t try to push me where I didn’t want to go and was never phased by my indecision and endless questions.  Colin is not only a true craftsman and master of his trade but an absolute gent.  I was absolutely thrilled with the finished piece, as was my Fiancée, which believe me, was no mean feat for something she’s had no hand in whatsoever!

Kieran Counihan

In recognition of your new web site I would like to place on record how absolutely delighted I have always been with the various pieces of jewellery you have designed and made for me. People have always remarked how lovely they look.

Best Wishes

Wendy Dew
St Albans, Hertfordshire

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